Swap Announcement

What’s new in
Citrus 2.0

Details about Smart Contract Addresses and How to Swap

New smart contract is upgradable and having governance mechanism for owners where voting will be carried out for liquidation, usage and burning of the token.

Updated the tokenomics considering the current market trend and future forecast by the experts. The tokenomics is designed by the seasoned expert in the field of DeFi, Finance, Cryptocurrency, Global Economy and Bankers.

Updated the total supply for the community growth after carrying a deep industry research.

Involved experts and advisors in the team considering future enhancements and community upliftment.

1. Open the Swap Page

2. Enter your wallet address where the CTS is available

3. Enter the number of tokens you would like to swap from CTS to CTS2

4. Click on 'Convert Now' button

5. Connect your wallet

6. Authorize Citrus to use the wallet

7. Click the 'Confirm' button in your wallet if it asks for the confirmation

8. Once the transaction is successful the tokens will be available in your wallet

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